Christmas 2009

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As of today, The Tech Zone LIVE will be looking a little different. I
have redesigned it over the weekend and it is now more user friendly,
and it has a general better look and feel. Redesigning gave me some more
flexibility since I actually had to work more with a theme that wasn’t
made for this platform. I basically needed to get a design and integrate
the code to make it compatible with this site.

I hope you like the new design! Oh, and what is your opinion on the new
theme? Love it, Hate it leave me a comment bellow!

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Test Post

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Google’s Chrome Feature Video

When it came to taking time and work into making some really awesome ads for Google Chrome, you can obviously tell that it deserves to be commemorated. The ad simply blew me away by it’s complexity and just the though of how much time it must have taken Google to put this all together. So watch the video above and be amazed!

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The Internet Is A BIG Place

Well, it goes to show you. The internet is no small village hiding in a
cloud, but is an enormous phenomenon connecting the world together as
one. So just think about it, imagine if every file on the internet was
in a small little village. The village would need to have more space to
put these files than to provide homes for the people. Just goes to show
you how much the world has evolved. It came from these binders
containing places to store photos. Closets and drawers would get filled
with these. Now you can easily create albums on Flickr for free that
take up no space in your home, but live in a “cloud.” Remember video
tapes? YouTube, Hulu, and other video sharing sites have completely
wiped the old tapes from the planet. Imagine how many tapes you would
have without it?

So one quick question of the day. What would your life be without the

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